I had two serious falls at home in 2014. My concern, as an unmarried, I lived alone in a large single family house. My entire family is deceased – the last, only recently, both mishaps required hospitalization. After the last occurrence, I decided on St. Joseph’s Senior Home. I arrived on November 5, 2014, and have not had a single regret ever since nor have I looked back once.

Resident’s laundry is washed daily. This service elated me no-end, for I know personally of the drudgery with this chore. My late sister was in private assisted living. The facility laundered only once a week. My sister was incontinent. I had to fill in the breach. It was a daunting task to fit into my already tight schedule

My room is large, bright, and cherry. Two windows are mounted side by side. Together they loom huge. I peer out of the them into a beautiful floral garden made more fascinating with a large gazebo, an old-fashion multi-seated swing, tables with shade umbrellas, two trees – but not overwhelming – a scattering of lounging chairs, and finally a crisscrossed pattern of pathways, all centered by a three foot semi-enclosed statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Ever-green bushes also surround the perimeter. It all adds up to total exhilaration. Last but foremost, “Christ in his Divine Mercy” looks on an enormous portrayal, in mosaic, is mounted on the building’s wall, in the rear of the garden.

Back to my room – the two closets are spacious. The room is wired for cable television. My personal TV set allows me to view those programs most appealing to me. Windows are tastefully curtained and draped. The floor is elegantly carpeted. The furniture – bed, bureaus, etc. – being furnished, saved me the burden of bringing my own. The carpet is vacuumed regularly. The toilet is serviced daily. Meticulously clean seems to be a byword. It all adds up to a healthy environment.