The start of a blog for St Joe’s and the Facebook page, evolved slowly and has become one of the very best examples of how “a picture is worth a thousand words”.


When Josephine entered St. Joseph’s, she and her daughter were in constant contact by cell phone.  But when caregiving for Peg’s spouse became more involved, the distance became more difficult to overcome. Jo-Jo as she was called, lived in NJ and Peg lived on Long Island.  Depending on traffic, that could be a one hour trip or a three hour trip, also depending on the day and weather.  It was so hard to miss a visit….

One day Peg got a message from Sister Joanna: Please look at your cell phone. There, Peg found a short video greeting from Jo-Jo saying how happy she was and how she continued to love all the beautiful things to enjoy at St. Joe’s. Hearts were happy that day all around.  Pictures took the place of visits at times and they were so welcome.



This was just the beginning of a new way to stay in contact with loved ones that enabled anyone who wanted to, to enjoy a visit to St. Joe’s and to experience the joy that fills the days and lives of those who are there.

Shortly thereafter, COVID intruded into our lives and the blog and Facebook page, took off as a much needed form of in-time communication.  If you scroll through the many blogs and Facebook entries since 2019, you see a wonderful record of the pictures that tell it all.. happiness, sadness, good days, bad days, fun, joy, inside, outside and lots of love.  The gardens are real, the folks are real and the love and joy are all real and the pictures show it all first hand.

Sisters gave us all a wonderful way to share the blessings of this God spirited facility.  You cannot visit the site without feeling that some of the joy you see has come to you too. Please “visit” often and enjoy! I do.



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