“No one is more cherished in this world than someone who lightens the burden of another.” 

– Author Unknown

St. Joseph’s Senior home is much more than just a regular nursing home. it is a special place that not only offers good medical care and assistance in daily activities but more importantly, it gives a sense of belonging. St. Joe’s is a community that brings together passionate care workers, seniors, and their close relatives, who together create a family with lasting bonds and unconditional love and support for one another. Creating such a tight-knit community, however, was not an easy task, and it was made possible thanks to the compassionate actions and engagement of St. Joseph’s Senior home residents in the social life of their community.

Edward Sita
Edward Sita

In today’s post, we want to pay our respects to one of those residents, whose genuinity and deep faith have contributed to making St. Joe’s an even warmer and more sociable place. Mr. Edward Sita moved into the St. Joseph Senior Home only in 2019, though he had been a part of our community for much longer. His wife, Geneva had been suffering from Alzheimer’s disease for several years when she joined us in 2018. Soon after, Mr. Sita decided to sell their home and join his beloved in the facility.

Since then, Mr. Sita had been an active member of our community, he participated in daily church services, wrote several articles for our website, and took part in various events and activities taking place at the facility. Tall, brown-eyed, always calm and gentle, Mr. Sita showed great compassion and tolerance for the sickly, he never lacked patience and did not shy away from offering a helping hand to those in need.

Edward Sita in front of the computer writing an article for st Joe's blog
Edward Sita in front of the computer writing an article for st Joe’s blog
Edward with wife Geneva
Edward with wife Geneva

The love that he had for Geneva was indisputable. His daily visits, the way he spoke about their life together, the way that he would put on her favorite music, and simply be with her every single day, it all spoke volumes about his deep feelings for her. Even when Geneva was no longer able to speak, he remained by her side, making sure that she felt loved and not alone. He set an example for all of us of what it means to be living by the Word of God.


His various interests, including politics and the Pro-life Movement, moved him to launch a small pro-life group here at St. Joe’s facility. The group held weekly meetings during which, the members would gather and pray for God’s protection of the unborn children. Mr. Sita always made sure that all the fellow residents receive spiritual support and pass away surrounded by love and prayer. He himself wished to pass away in our home, surrounded by friendly faces, and most importantly after having received the sacraments. 

Edward at St. Joe's chapel
Edward at St. Joe’s chapel

Unfortunately, Mr. Sita passed away on the 2nd of April 2020, after he had been moved from St. Joseph’s Senior Home during the evacuation of the facility due to the coronavirus outbreak. His lovely wife passed away only 5 days later, they were both infected by the virus. Though the two were not with us at the time of their passing, we strongly believe that they both found peace in the love and divinity of God.

The Little Servant Sisters will remain grateful for Mr. Sita’s constant involvement in the life of St Joseph’s Senior Home community. He and his love for others will not be forgotten. Thank you!


Edward praying in St. Joe's chapel
Edward praying in St. Joe’s chapel

“I knew Ed during my three years as a parochial vicar at Our Lady Star of the Sea. I remember him as a man of the deep, Catholic faith and a strong commitment to his parish church. As Ed got older, he underwent a deeper conversion to the Lord. I will never forget the beautiful confession of his whole life that he made a few years ago on Good Friday. I knew from that moment that he was ready to face God at any moment, for his soul had been washed so clean by the blood of Jesus. As Geneva got sick, I would go to the Sita’s house from time to time to anoint her and pray over her. It was never a quick visit, for Ed always made pasta and garlic bread for me every time I went to his house. We would talk about the faith, about Staten Island, about Italy, about religious books, about the many retreats he had made, and we would laugh. Ed was deeply appreciated by many people for his thoughtfulness and his good habit of staying in touch. He was often giving gifts to people, even people who were just acquaintances, and sending cards and letters. We stayed in touch after he moved to the nursing home. He even once drove all the way to my new parish in Monroe to visit me, and it was just like old times. I believe Ed is in heaven, but I know that he would ask us to pray for his soul. I will be praying for his soul, and I will miss him terribly.” – Fr. David Rider




“We all, the staff of St Joseph’s Senior Home were lucky enough to meet you. Who stood out among all the others around him as being extremely special. Who gave his opinion when asked. Who was caring about us selflessly even on his last day with us. Who will be always remembered by St Joseph’s Senior Home staff !”

– St. Joseph’s Senior Home Staff