The rapidly evolving coronavirus pandemic has brought about some unprecedented challenges for many nursing homes across the US. The caregivers, the staff, as well as the residents have had to adopt some changes in their everyday lives so as to conform to the rigid requirements which must be met to enable smooth functioning of the facilities. 

Despite these peculiar circumstances, St Joseph’s Senior Home continues to provide its residents with invariably good care, both physical and spiritual. With special attention to the CDC guidelines, the Little Servants Sisters and St. Joe’s staff make sure that all residents are cared for in a safe, healthy environment, and that social distancing does not equal total isolation. 

“Our goal is to help every resident come through this time feeling healthy, cared about, and engaged.” – St. Joseph’s staff said.

To make sure that the residents do not feel isolated, St. Joseph’s Senior Home offers a plethora of activities and events which fill up their daily schedules and warm weather.


In addition to regular activities such as bingo, chess, and daily holy masses,  individual spiritual enrichment by visiting our chapel, various outdoor social hour, exercises, arts, and crafts during which they gather together. Residents still keep the required distance and follow safety precautions so that they can chat away with fellow residents while eating ice cream and listening to their favorite music.

“Our residents’ happiness and mental health are vital.” – Sister Teresa said.

The St. Joseph staff maintain that engaging seniors in events like these are crucial especially now, during the pandemic. The staff take into consideration that socializing, forming friendships, and keeping active are necessary and important elements of overall well-being. By filling up their schedules with various activities, seniors are left with little or no time to dwell on the current situation and the fact that they cannot meet with their family members indoors. Ways to keep in touch include virtual calls and seeing their loved ones through glass front doors. During this difficult period, more than ever we try to fill in this empty space and provide a familiar atmosphere where seniors feel at home.

“We always treat the sick and the elderly with compassion, gentleness, love, and respect to alleviate their suffering.” – Sister Joanna said.

Though the current situation is not ideal and we all remain aware of its severity and keep in our prayers those who have suffered due to the virus, we choose to make the most of it and keep a positive mindset. Seeing the smiles brought to the faces of our residents makes it all worthwhile. 

As one of the residents noted: ”as little as we know about COVID-19, we still can be more than sure that this virus is not touching at all our God.” The way, how it was said, was a powerful proclamation of God’s love which never fails. 

“Jesus, Mary, and Joseph – protect us”; not only during the pandemic of COVID-19 but all the days of our lives. – Sister Magda from the Congregation of the Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth from Philadelphia said.