Spreading Cheer in the Covid Era

Once Saint Joseph’s residents were allowed to gather in the recreation room after months of strict social distancing, it was important to provide engaging and creative activities. Arts and crafts are one way to socialize, relieve stress, and enhance hand-eye coordination.


Sarah, granddaughter of resident Jennie Michalski, saw this as an opportunity to add to her service hours for college and also spread cheer to her grandmother and the residents of Saint Joseph’s. Over the past two years, Sarah has created handmade greeting cards for each resident, produced uplifting and entertaining videos, and designed a variety of arts and crafts activities. During these challenging times, it is nice to be able to provide an outlet for the residents to smile, laugh and enjoy. Sarah helped to do that and more! Thank You, Sarah!


Sarah made such beautiful cards for our residents. The cards brought joy and a warm feeling to each resident.

Michelle and Sarah

„Michelle (daughter) and Sarah (granddaughter) of resident Jennie Michalski are busy helping Saint Joseph’s get ready for Thanksgiving. They are working on a turkey craft for the residents to participate in an arts and crafts activity. Jennie enjoyed “preparing the turkey”, and all had a good time.



Other thoughts on sharing joy at St. Joseph’s:

Have you shared today in some small way a word, a smile, a hug, your time…

Things that we often take for granted mean so much when taken away…

Covid has hit us all real hard and put us all forever on guard…

But a WORD opens our ears to hear others needs,

a SMILE is contagious and makes others smile too,

a Hug brings warmth to the coldness of loss and

TIME shared gives us all the joy of belonging…

Let us all try to bring more joy into our own and others lives through the sharing of our words, smiles, hugs and time. It takes just a few moments to share these action, but the difference will last forever!

Jennie Michalski

„ I love doing it! I always like arts and crafts; this hobby runs in my family. My sister was gifted and she passed it on to my daughter. Residents are enjoying it, even Joseph! I look forward to do it, and cannot wait for the Valentines project”.

Resident Jennie Michalski worked with her two sisters as a seamstress for many years in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. She was always active at her church singing in the choir, volunteering at the carnivals, and helping make pierogis. She also loved to bake cakes and crochet blankets that she donated to church bake sales and auctions. Jennie’s favorite activity has been crafting with her granddaughter when they would draw, color, and paint. She looks forward to receiving homemade cards from her granddaughter and enjoys making crafts at Saint Joseph’s.

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