Baking with Residents

Our Senior Residents had a great chance to bake and chat with fond memories.

This time it was not a matter of being served with hot beverage and freshly baked pastry.

After our Sisters had been apple picking at an orchard, they encouraged an independent, social baking activity with all-round benefits, physical, mental and emotional, in a friendly environment.

To this baking event the Sisters invited a group of young girls who willingly and joyfully shared their time and gifts with our Residents.  The young and the advanced in age, related so well, in fact, it was “super” and the apple treats were mouth-watering and great.

The large activity room with a homelike kitchenette was converted into a baking room. In preparation, tables had been covered with cloths, bowls with apples, paring safety knives, a pastry board with rolling pin and trays placed thereon. With an opening prayer, comfortable clothing, sleeves rolled up somewhat and gloves, all set to work, both ladies and gentlemen. The Sisters oversaw the action and helped the Residents when necessary. Chatter and laughter added to the congenial, relaxed atmosphere. Some Senior Residents recounted their baking experiences from years gone by. The Sisters joined in the hearty exchange, even with bursts of merriment.

Once the apple pastries were ready and the oven set at the proper temperature, everyone could go to the dining room to pause and await the work of their hands. Once grace before the meal was offered, and the apple crisps ready, they were served at dinner by the Sisters to the Residents with smiles all around. Appetites were not lacking, and sometimes even second helpings were welcomed, even for later. May God reward the kindhearted owner of the apple orchard for sharing his crop so that apples could land on the tables of St. Joseph Senior Home via the baking activity of the Sisters and Youth with the Residents.


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