Bishop James Checchio of Metuchen made a pastoral visit with us at St. Joseph’s Senior Home.  We were so honored and delighted to have him with us on the Feast of St. Joseph.

The highlight was the Holy Mass with the Bishop as the main celebrant and homilist alongside our concelebrating Chaplain and two other Salesian Priests. Residents from the Assisted Living and the Nursing Home were present.  There were also family members with the Sisters and the entire staff on this special occasion as one big family at St. Josephs. 

Afterward, Bishop Checchio spoke so kindly to the Residents and everyone.  He touched one and all with his gentle, infectious smile, the sign of the cross, or a hearty handshake.  With great joy, he easily shared his time, warmth, and goodness with everyone. 

His genuine concern and encouragement for everyone was so uplifting.  He spoke with our nurses, CNA’s, kitchen staff, housekeeping staff, and all the other staff members who keep St. Joseph’s so special. Bishop Checchio’s visit on March 19, 2024, was especially meaningful on St. Joseph’s Day, patron of our house. St. Joseph’s virtues are compassion, humility, obedience, and unwavering trust. We seek his intercession for ourselves and our loved ones, especially those in our homes.

May St. Joseph watch over all who reside here, providing them with food, security, and shelter, just as he did for Mary and Jesus.  It was a most meaningful spiritual with Bishop Checchio, who continues to strengthen our faith through his mere presence and strength.  His encouraging words leave us stronger.  We are all inspired by Bishop Checchio’s visit and appreciate the great gift of his visit.




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