Christmas Season 2023

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The Christmas Season at St. Josephs is always very special. In the cozy halls of our Senior Home, Christmas arrives like a cherished old friend, bringing with it a flurry of joy and nostalgia. Our mis...


Christmas Party 2023

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“Do You Hear What I Hear?”   Celebrating With Joyful Noise. One of the longest held traditions at St. Joseph’s is our employee Christmas parties.  These gatherings have been organized for ma...


Christmas Season 2022

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It may be hard to believe but another year has passed. Seemingly, 2022 had just begun but here we are amidst the Christmas season in January of 2023. No matter how many arduous moments the previous ye...


Employee Christmas Party 2022

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One of the longest held traditions at St. Joseph’s is our employee Christmas party. Although this tradition has been impacted due to Covid-19, we found ways to continue on with it. This party has been...


Christmas Joy 2022

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Although it may not seem as such, an activity such as a nativity pageant can mean a lot to residents. Our Activity Department works hard to plan and organize various activities for our residents. Whet...


Holiday Season 2021

It would seem that just yesterday we were shouting Happy New Year 2021 and here we are again, already sending Christmas wishes. The past year, as the year before, brought with it unique and new challe...

Christmas Season at St. Joseph’s


The Christmas season is one full of joy and celebration. This is especially true at St. Joseph’s, even during a pandemic the Christmas spirit shines through. The Christmas traditions at St. Joe’s incl...

Christmas Season at St. Joseph Senior Home

christmas season

EDWARD’S CHRISTMAS SEASON AT S.J.S.H. Well, here I am once again writing about my experiences in the “Assisted Living” quarters of the Saint Joseph Senior Home. My previous three postings wrote about ...