St. Joseph’s feast day is coming up on March 19, but the whole month of March is dedicated to this wonderful Saint. Our recent celebration was held in thanksgiving to St. Joseph for his patronage and for the purpose of showing people how we love and honor him. Yes, happy are they who have Joseph as their patron!

Blessed Edmund Bojanowski had a great devotion to St. Joseph, and when he founded the Congregation of the Little Servant Sisters of the Blessed Virgin Mary in 1850 in Poland, he chose Joseph as their Patron intended for blessings upon their holy vocation and the need to imitate the virtues of his life. Saint Joseph was the Guardian of the Holy Family – and our sisters take care of children and people in need.

Pope Francis in the Year of St. Joseph wrote in the Letter “Patris Corde”: “From Joseph we must learn the same care and responsibility: to love the Child and His Mother; to love the sacraments and charity; love the Church and the poor.” Here at St. Joseph Senior Home, dedicated to him, we thank God for the gift of St. Joseph, for his life and example of how we are to live in God’s grace, through his intercession, as our Patron.

This kind of celebration was organized for the first time, and we hope that it will become a tradition. Our Residents were gathered in the activity room with the statue of St. Joseph nicely decorated on a cart which was moved from one Resident to the other in order for them to offer flowers and pay their respects. The event was both a religious and fun one. Father Paul led a prayer to St. Joseph and gave us a special blessing. Then we invited Mr. Stanley Aleksandrowicz, the father of our own Sr.Monika, who gave a lively accordion concert for us. In between joyful songs and dances, we had a delicious dessert – multicolor jellos with cream. All were relished in no time!

We cannot forget Adline, the activity assistant, who performed traditional Haitian dance for our Residents!

They loved it!

Then the Residents were taken in their wheelchairs for dancing.
All were smiling, singing and clapping! What a joy!
We all had a wonderful time because of St. Joseph, beaming at us from heaven!
We want to thank Mr. Stanley and our volunteers who helped us to organize this party.
Moments like this, with music, joy, being together, simple gestures of love, are so important.

Here, at St. Joseph’s Senior Home we are one family which loves to spend time together.
This home is not an institution; it is a HOME, St. Joseph’s Senior Home!
St. Joseph, we love you so very much! Pray for us! Support us!
We hope not only during this joyful party, but every day you are smiling at us!
Have a blessed Feast of St. Joseph!

Remember, in your needs GO TO JOSEPH!


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