Although it may not seem as such, an activity such as a nativity pageant can mean a lot to residents. Our Activity Department works hard to plan and organize various activities for our residents. Whether that may have been arts and crafts or putting together a nativity pageant, you can’t deny that they keep the Christmas spirit alive. Alongside the sisters, our activities employee Kasia, performed a Christmas pageant for the residents.

Dressing up as Mary, Joseph, an angel and shepherd, they presented the residents with baby Jesus, celebrating his birth and bringing joy to their faces. Baby Jesus was placed in a beautifully decorated cart. This way each resident was able to hold him and say a few words to him. As baby Jesus approached each resident, their smile grew.

Once baby Jesus visited each resident, it was time to sing some Christmas carols. We sang some carols in both English and Polish. We even dance with the Holy Family! Here is an account of the day by our dear Cioci Verna (Veronica Wojtowicz): “Today is January 1st and we are left with a wonderful memory of the Wednesday after Christmas, that was the day that baby Jesus came to St Joseph’s retirement home. Our staff presented us with a beautiful nativity scene. We had an angel, we had shepherds, we had Blessed Mother and most of all we had the beautiful baby. With the little fingers and the little toes just as baby Jesus was. Now the treat was that baby Jesus was going to be able to be handled by the residents. Each of the residents had a chance to have baby Jesus in their arms. Some residents were very quiet, some residents have a little whisper to the baby, some like me were counting the fingers and the toes to make sure. It was a beautiful moment and everyone was in awe. At the end, baby Jesus went back to his mother and she had him in a beautiful setting. It was almost like Angora or something like a cloud. Then we had singing and dancing in both English and Polish, my particular favorite was “Lulajże Jezuniu”. Now all of us had a chance to make a brand new Christmas memory and it will stay with us forever.”


To feel the joyful spirit of this event, please, watch our video – Christmas Joy at St. Joseph’s Senior Home

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