St. Joseph’s Senior Home

Assisted Living and Nursing Center!

The Order relies on the generosity of the Public to support its institutions. Gifts and donations are utilized to help the Sisters enrich the lives of those entrusted to their care, providing quality services, publicizing our works, recruiting new donors, to build and improve life and housing for the less fortunate in our area.

We are very grateful for your donations and have our donors in our prayers.

“The Tree of Life”

Remember Your Roots and Honor Your Loved Ones

Preserve the memory of your special occasion or loved ones on this beautiful, “Tree Life” devoted to Our Mother Mary. By honoring or memorializing your loved one on this Tree, your memories become in communion with this special place.

To reserve an engraved leaf, acorn, stone or branch gift memorial and for further information, please contact us at  (732) 750-0077 or on our Fax: (732) 634-1811.

You can also download our Tree Life Brochure here, print and mail to St. Joseph’s Catholic Home, Att: “Tree of Life”, to 3 St. Joseph’s Terrace, Woodbridge, NJ 07095

“Man is great not by what he has, but by who he is; not by what he has, but by he has shared with others.”

John Paul II

We do whatever it takes to bring you peace of mind