Easter is certainly the most significant and joyful celebration in the Catholic calendar, as It celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ who conquered death and saved us all from eternal death and suffering. Easter has always been a time of great happiness for our residents who would eagerly prepare for the holiday and wait for visits from their relatives to share with them the joy of the Easter Season. Unfortunately, the Easter celebration was a lot different this year. It has been the second year when due to the pandemic, St. Joseph’s residents were forced to spend these days away from their loved ones. Luckily, the St. Joseph’s Senior Home is more than just a place of residence, it is a true home, with a close-knit community where everyone feels welcome and included.

Starting on the Great Friday, the residents commemorated the death of Jesus and prayed earnestly to the image of Merciful Jesus in one of the chapels decorated with fresh flowers. The preparations continued on the Great Saturday when the residents gathered in the dining area to participate in the blessing of food. The table was beautifully decorated by sister Anna who put her heart and soul into making the experience memorable for our beloved residents. On the table, seniors could find many sweets, ornaments, and traditional Easter foods which they enjoyed snacking on throughout the day. On Great Saturday, instead of the usual cookie and a cup of coffee, the residents enjoyed some snacks from the Easter baskets blessed earlier in the day. They loved our home-baked babka! Of course, the St. Joseph’s staff could not have missed out on the opportunity to organize some fun activities for the residents, and so the seniors could engage in the traditional coloring of Easter eggs! This activity brought so much joy to the residents and made them feel like kids again. We also celebrate St. Patrick’s day. Despite the facility still being closed, the residents received many wishes, souvenirs, and sweets from the CCD youth. 

As always, the residents were genuinely touched by the small drawings they received, and their faces lit up with joy and gratitude for these simple but extremely meaningful gestures. Although this year’s Easter celebration was a magical one, we look forward to the post-pandemic time, when residents will be able to invite their relatives and enjoy these events with them as well. Bearing in mind the essence of this Holiday, we believe that just as Jesus conquered death, He will too conquer the malice of the coronavirus and we will be free to enjoy our lives in the company again! “Jesus, We Trust in You”