Dear Sisters:

I would like to express my sincere appreciation to ALL of the Sisters who provided the decorations for the party. Then came a big surprise! The Easter Bunny came

Adele Horbacz 94 years

hopping in. All of the guests received bunny ears and a balloon! Then the Easter bunny lost no time in hugging and dancing. Sister had put on a Video which showed all of the happy songs, starting with you “You are my Sunshine” which was followed with a lot of clapping and toe-tapping to the music. Bunny lost o time with some of the Aides, who had a lot of rhythms to get the guests to join in. The entire room was filled with so many happy, smiling faces. The Easter bunny deserves a lot of credit with so much enthusiasm! But there another surprise with the help of the Aides, everyone received a cup of JELLO with whipped cream, followed by a YooHoo drink. I hope you will accept my deep and sincere appreciation for a most joyous

Adele Horbacz (Resident of St. Joseph’s Senior Home)
Love & Prayers



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