One of the longest held traditions at St. Joseph’s is our employee Christmas party. Although this tradition has been impacted due to Covid-19, we found ways to continue on with it. This party has been organized for many years to celebrate and thank our wonderful St. Joseph’s family of staff and sisters. This year there were two separate parties, one for the Assisted Living on December 12th and the other for the Nursing Center on December 13th. The main elements of the party include the gathering of our dear staff and a variety of foods prepared by our dietary department and sisters. Before eating, the foods were blessed by Fr. Paul.  Then wishes were said by the administering sisters, Sister Zdzislawa and Sister Elizabeth. 

“Welcome our Dear Employees and Fathers to this warm Christmas season gathering us for commemorating our celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. As we joyfully await the birth of Christ may we prepare our hearts and make room to receive Him. Amid all the troubles and losses we have experienced in the last couple years, there were also moments of joy and gladness. Despite the troubles in our homes, society, and in the world, these have helped us to realize that we are created in God’s image, and redeemed by the Infant Jesus. You are the face of love for all of our residents, and we can see that every time you give of yourself in service to them, you bring the love of a family to our Home. In this way, you share in the life of the Holy Family, every time you extend to one another, the face of Christ. We celebrate your love, as an image of the Love of Our Savior, and most of all, we celebrate His Love for all of us in this place of warmth, compassion, and tenderness. May Mary, Mother of God, place Jesus in each of our arms today and every day. I thank in a special way from the bottom of my heart to our management and staff members for the great care, compassion and sensitivity, towards our dear residents and one another. Let us rejoice, feast and celebrate this special day together! I thank our Dietary Department and Sisters for their hard work in preparing delicious dinner for all of us today. I wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a Blessed, Happy and Healthy New Year”

The food was delicious and plentiful, there was enough for everyone. With good food comes good conversation and there was plenty of it. Along with Christmas music in the background you can hear laughter and joy. Once everyone had settled in, it was time for the raffle. The raffle prizes included many small and thoughtful gifts that could be won by any of our employees. As another year passes, we continue on despite what life may throw at us. The staff, sisters, and residents of St. Joseph’s show that no matter what circumstances may be presented to us we will always find a way to keep going.

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