The fall season is upon us! And as the days get shorter, there is less and less sunshine, and there is no warmer days insight, it is easy to catch the blues. The transition out of summertime and settling down into full-blown fall can be extremely draining for all of us, as we tend to feel less energetic, unmotivated, and prone to low moods. To beat this vicious cycle, St. Joseph’s Activity Department staff came up with a simple, but the fruitful solution!


On November 7th, 2021, The Activity Department held a small fall-themed party for the residents of St. Joseph’s Senior Home. There was music, singing, dancing, and a live scarecrow entertaining the residents! The fall-themed decorations and colorful balloons pushed the blues right out the door as the seniors chatted and laughed along with their fellow residents and the staff! 

Of course, it wouldn’t have been a real St. Joseph’s party if we hadn’t treated our sweet-toothed residents with special fall-themed desserts! Orange, red, and green Jell-o topped with whipped cream was a great success and the residents enjoyed the last bit of it!

While the party was small and simple, it really brought a lot of joy and happiness to our seniors. Bearing in mind that our residents are very sociable and cheerful individuals who have always loved to partake in social events before they arrived at St. Joseph’s, we want to offer them the opportunity to continue doing so! We love to see our seniors’ faces light up as they chat, sing and joke around with each other and the rest of the staff. These kinds of parties are what make St. Joseph’s more than just a senior home, it makes us a family!


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