Ask any psychologist what is essential to maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle, and I can guarantee that the majority will give you one of the following answers. 


Some will point to the importance of strong social relationships, others will argue that true happiness comes from cultivating one’s passions, and still, others will focus on the sense of satisfaction derived from helping others. No matter which answers you receive, all of them come down to one thing: a sense of meaning. According to various studies, a sense of purpose in life is associated with slower aging, increased longevity, and better physical and mental functioning for all humans. But how do we find this purpose? And how can we help our beloved seniors regain this feeling of meaningfulness in the autumn of their lives?  

Well, it is not as difficult as it may seem. In fact, many psychologists maintain that in order to improve the general well-being of seniors, it is enough to provide them with something to look forward to each day. It doesn’t have to be anything big, just a small get-together with a group of friends, a game of chess, or even a daily walk around the park. Seniors feel better when their days are structured when they have a sense of commitment that they need to fulfill. 


Baking activity

That’s why here at St. Joe’s, we provide our residents with a plethora of daily activities and special events to fill their daily schedules. A dedicated activity department takes into consideration that socializing, forming friendships, and keeping active are necessary and important parts of well-being. We have enrichment rooms for activities, crafts, fitness, library/reading, and recreation. Where we play bingo and card games, watch movies, do crafts, hold baking events, sing-alongs, bible studies, and more to keep a mind and body busy for better health and happiness. Moreover, St. Joseph Seniors Home as a Catholic facility also offers spiritual activities for seniors. The chapels are always open to residents for prayers and reflection and the Chaplain is available to serve with Sacraments at any time. 


Our seniors love to engage in circle games, puzzles, the wheel of fortune and they especially look forward to bingo which has become so popular that our residents get to play it three times a week! These types of games are not only a  source of entertainment, but they also induce a sense of friendly competition and achievement among residents, which can be a great mood booster. Apart from the friendly games, we do our best to offer our residents other forms of entertainment and cultural events. Various artists are invited to perform live concerts at St. Joe’s, seniors can attend sing-along activities and even practice music with Eddy Jeopardy. What is more, because St. Joe’s really is a family we stress the importance of community and strengthening the bonds between all residents, and that is why each senior’s birthday is celebrated together, with great pomp! 

Thanks to this variety of activities seniors get to remain active every day. It’s so important for them to remain in close relationships with fellow residents, build strong relationships, and to work on their own hobbies and skills.

elderly activities
Resident’s of the St. Joseph’s Senior House playing ball outside. 

Can you imagine the satisfaction you get when you finally, beat your toughest opponent in a game of cards or get lucky in bingo?! Engagement in such seemingly trivial games can have an enormous impact not only on mental but also on the physical health of our seniors.


That is why here at st. Joe’s we do not leave anyone behind, and we encourage all seniors to participate actively in the social life of our facility.