Hopefully when you read this, if you haven’t seen the many videos of the garden, you will take a look now for sure!

Gardens are full of flowers for certain but they also contain many other items that make them special places to visit.  Here at St Joe’s the gardens are full of plants, flowers, ROCKS, DRAWINGS and people with happy faces.   ROCKS?  DRAWINGS?   What? you ask.

Most folks take the rocks out of the garden and discard them and the walls of garages or sheds stay empty of anything other than the brick they are made of.  Not so, at this wonderful home.

The many rocks available have been turned into mosaics on the ground, caterpillars, frogs, ladybugs and so much more!  Colors that POP when you see them and draw your attention immediately. Such glorious fun to see. The walls of the gardens are covered in chalk murals depicting smiling animals and flowers and seem to wave hello as you look at them.  How can you not smile when you see it all before you?   Interspersed in all this beauty are statues, bird feeders and the flowers and plants themselves.

The Sisters have created true “beauty in art” here for ALL to see and enjoy.  God Bless the creativity, St Joseph’s and all who dwell and work within. God Bless Us All.




Watch our video:

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