Hello Dear Friends,

It has been a while since I said hello my extended St. Joseph’s Family and lately I have had the feeling that it is time to once again send my regards.

Autumn is upon us and all around, the beautiful colors of gold and red and brown surround us. The picture above is God’s greeting to me every day as I leave my home for daily activities.

However, it was in the gardens at St. Joe’s that I first learned to truly appreciate the beauty and love that surrounds all who live and work there. My mom was a resident and my visits to her were filled with time in the gardens and surrounded by the dedicated staff and Sisters.

As you look at all the wonders of God and mother nature you remember it is the Sisters who bring the gardens to life and the staff helps bring the joy of entertainment and caring to all the residents and the families and friends who visit. We all become a part of this new family and please believe me, the sense of belonging never leaves even after our loved ones have passed on. I have been enjoying the spirit and love of St. Joe’s to this day and my mom passed away in 2019. Love and joy can last forever in our memories.

I wanted to express again my love and gratitude for all of the people at St. Joseph’s that make the lives of our loved ones so happy, safe and well cared for. The gardens are a reflection of those qualities and no matter what the season they blossom and bring joy all year long.

Please join me in a private prayer of gratitude. Find your garden place and remember to say thank you to God for the blessings we are receiving each day in the beauty of nature and St. Joe’s.


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