“Be strong and take heart,
all you who hope in the Lord.”

Psalm 31:24


Dear Sister,

Building of St Joseph' Senior Home
St Joseph’ Senior Home

I am writing to you today because there is so much I want to say about Saint Joseph’s Senior Home and the Sisters and Staff.  I, like so many in the World today find life to be confusing, frightening, and altogether uncertain.  What keeps me going is HOPE for all of us.  St. Joe’s has a special place in my heart because of the caring, loving atmosphere that you all provided for my Mom, for almost three years, before she passed on to the Lord in December of 2019.  My heart still misses her.

I realize that St. Joseph’s has gone through many traumatic days in the past few months and that finding clarity in the confusion is very difficult.  My HOPE is that after you read my thoughts you will be able to tell the Sisters and Staff and Families of the residents that it is my belief that nowhere on earth is there a better place to be than at St. Joseph’s. 


Josephine Montenigro
Josephine Montenigro

I live on Long Island and traveled to visit my Mom each week.  There is a Catholic facility closer to me right here on LI but I specifically chose not to have my Mom there.  After visiting both facilities I quickly realized that there was no comparison for the loving care she would receive at St. Joseph’s. In addition to the caring staff and sisters, I realized that the religious atmosphere Mom most wanted to be was truly available to her all day long.  The recreation and dining areas were upbeat and the food was good solid home cooking.  Mom was so very happy with her new home!  I was too and the travel was worth every minute to be assured of her EXCELLENT care.  My HOPE for her peace at the end of her life was complete.

As we all face this pandemic and the sadness and loss that it has brought to us, in different ways, my prayer is that we do not look to place blame but rather to know that our loved ones DID and WILL ALWAYS, receive EXCELLENT CARE at St. Joe’s.  I HOPE and pray that the Sisters, Staff, and residents heal quickly and that those who have passed went with the knowledge that they were LOVED and SUPPORTED by the most excellent care to be received anywhere.  Those of us looking to find answers as to “why” will eventually realize that there is no answer other than it happened.  No one could have done a more caring job.  Try to remember, for your own sake, and that of those gone before us, the GOOD days at St. Joseph’s.  

Josephine Montenigro with Sister Zdzislawa
Josephine Montenigro with Sister Zdzislawa

Remember the gazebo, the parties, the religious services, the care, the good food, the gardens, the happy smiling faces of our loved ones when we visited!  Life is not always easy, but it was happy for the residents and my Mom was blessed to have been there. 

As I sit in my backyard and see the sprouts of the plants and shrubs appearing I know that Spring and warmth are coming.  There is the HOPE of a new type of life ahead that will bring us peace again.  

Be safe Sister.  Be well. Be of a peaceful heart.  We who know St. Joseph’s, know that the care and assistance received is second to none.  


May God Bless us all.