“Priceless” is the perfect word to describe the happy faces of the Residents and Staff of St. Joseph’s Senior Home – Assisted Living and Nursing Center during our ice cream social event. It was a sunny afternoon, the perfect weather for the occasion.

Everyone was excited, but patiently waiting to line up in front of the ice cream truck to order their favorite ice cream flavor – some wanted plain vanilla or chocolate, and others wanted it with some sprinkles. I was surprised that some of them even said that they never had ice cream from an ice cream truck before. What was so fascinating was the smiles on each of the Residents and staff’s faces.

Some of the Residents normally need to be fed during mealtime, but during the event, they were able to eat the ice cream or chose to hold the cone and enjoy eating the ice cream by themselves. You can see the smiles on their faces, especially the residents who have not had any ice cream in cones – who knows for how long, but certainly, this experience revived childhood memories, memories that have gone with age, and more so added life to their years.

When I signed up to sponsor the event, I didn’t realize that it was going to create new memories for these lovely people. The immeasurable happiness and precious moments that I gave them will remain forever in my heart!

~ Diane Nervez
Our Residents, Staff and Sisters would like to thank Diane from Ultracare Therapy Services for sponsoring the Ice cream Social event! 

We all had fun and enjoyed 160 ice cream cones! Yummy Yummy!!

Thank you Diane!

“The only running I do, is to chase an ice cream truck”




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