To the Sisters and Staff at St. Joseph’s!
We want to thank you for the seemingly effortless tender care you give to our parents, grandparents, great grandparents and great great grandparents whom we have entrusted to your care.  The care you give your residents each and every day is above and beyond our expectations. 

And what you do to make the Holidays fun and joyful is exceptional.  You turn every HOLIDAY into a wonderful EVENT for your cherished residents.   Looking at the pictures of “Christmas Joy at St. Joseph’s” celebration I observed how very gently and tenderly the Baby Jesus was presented to each of your Residents to hold, and I could not help, but to make the comparison to the way the Sisters and Staff care for their residents, just like they are as precious and treasured as the Baby Jesus. 

That is why the families of St. Joseph’s Residents can sleep peacefully at night knowing the quality of care their loved ones are receiving. Once again, To the Sisters and Staff of St. Joseph’s we want to say, THANK YOU and want you to know your “labor of love” and dedication to your residents is so very much appreciated.

God Bless Us All

Just so you know I am not exaggerating I mean every word of what I said above. 
St. Joseph’s is exceptional!!!


Christmas Joy


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