We all know that Mothers Day salutes the women of this world for their love, patience, caring, nurturing and generosity.


The celebration of Mary the Mother of God in May, goes one step further in its recognition of Mary’s unending love for all people.  As Catholics, we recognize her sacrifices, unending love and heavenly intercession with her son Jesus, on our behalf.

While the Sisters’ devotion to Mary and her attributes is easy to behold in their daily charitable acts with the residents and everyone they come in contact with, the residents strive to do something special on Mary’s Day too.


We smile, sing, dance and pray

We make extra effort on this day

Hear us Mary 

As we all say:

Happy Blessed Mary’s Day!  

Come sing with me

Everyone invited

Let us sing her praise and

Embrace the moment

Because Mary shows us how to 

Rejoice in her love 



Each of us that 


Mankind can


Rely on her son Jesus’ love!  

Your loving friends from St. Joseph’s Senior Home!


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