„O Mary, we crown thee with blossoms today,
Queen of the Angels, Queen of the May,
O Mary, we crown thee with blossoms today,
Queen of the Angels, Queen of the May”.
Spring has finally arrived along with the glorious month of May. During May we have many celebrations but most meaningful are the beautiful celebrations of The Blessed Virgin Mary our spiritual Mother and our human Mothers who gave us life, caring, love and nurturing.
Some of us had or were, traditional Moms and others may have had Grandmas or Aunts or adoptive Moms but they were there for us and at Saint Joseph’s we celebrate them all. We prepared for these two special days in many ways.
The days leading up to our celebrations were filled with making floral wreaths to adorn Mary’s head during services to honor her and all her virtues. We all had the opportunity to place a wreath on Mary’s statue and praise her name and seal our love for her with a fervent kiss as her statue was passed along. We sang songs of praise and felt the joy all these efforts brought us.
Then of course we celebrated Mother’s Day to honor those of us in Saint Joseph’s who are Moms, or have been a mother figure in the lives of others in many ways. We celebrated those here with us still and those gone before us. We laughed, prayed and enjoyed a feast.
The Sisters and staff always help us make these days joyous. This year was simply SPLENDID! There is nowhere else to be other than here at Saint Joseph’s to experience the daily joys of love, caring and companionship. May God Bless all our Mothers, their families and those that care for them!
Happy Spring! Happy May! Happy Mothers Day! We love you all!
Happy Mother’s Day. Are we here to review our May coronations? Yesterday, St. Joseph’s Retirement Home welcomed the month of May with a beautiful tribute to Our Lady. The residents were working favorously on making individual crowns. And then we came together in our dining room. Father led us with a prayer, and we sang a bit, and we did a private, quiet meditation so that each one of us could make our special plea to Blessed Mother. It was a very solemn occasion. It was just joyous. The Entire staff joined us, not to take away from us, but to just be available. Everyone was there. It was just overwhelming. It’s such a pleasure to be in a community like this. And something I learned, which I learn all the time. At the end of the ceremony, we were all given blue or white fancy handkerchiefs, kind of small, smaller than the napkin. And we waved goodbye to Blessed Mother. I had never seen that before. But Blessed Mother was on the cart, and she was taken up and down the aisle, and we were all able to say goodbye. So I think it was an honorary experience. And today is Mother’s Day, so we’ll see what happens today.
~ Veronica Wojtowicz (“Cioci Verna”)

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