The May Crowning ceremony at St. Josephs Senior Home is a heartwarming tradition that brings together the Residents in a celebration of faith and devotion. On this day “Oh Beautiful Mother, we give thee our love”. The Residents all help with the crowning of a statue of the Virgin Mary, symbolizing her as the “Queen of May”. Each resident helps create a beautiful crown and altar filled with flowers especially roses to surround the Blessed Mother. The Sisters, staff and family demonstrate this act of devotion that not only honors Mary but also serves as a reminder of her constant intercession and maternal care for all believers.

The May Crowning is a way for us to express our love and reverence for the Blessed Mother. The Residents of St. Joseph’s show exceptional kindness and vigor, which gives them the honor of placing a crown of fresh flowers on Mary’s head and all around her. The room is filled with the scent of spring blooms and the sound of gently sung hymns. The flowers are beautiful and some come from our garden that we so lovingly care for. Each Resident adds to the expanding bouquet and then with extra compassion, many of us kiss the statue of Mary in honor of our love for her. We also have a wonderful reminder of the day by having our picture taken with the beautiful flowers with Mary at our side.

This ceremony, steeped in tradition, not only honors Mary but also acknowledges the wisdom and dignity of our senior residents. It’s a beautiful reminder of the cycle of life and the respect we owe to those who have lived long and fruitful lives.

The May Crowning at St. Josephs is a cherished event, a testament to the enduring faith and spirit of our Residents. It’s a celebration of life, love, and the respect we hold for Our Blessed Mother and each other.
Holy Mary, pray for us!
Queen of peace, pray for us!


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