I am writing this review on behalf of my father, Robert, who was a resident at Saint Joseph’s Senior Nursing Home for 1 year and 10 months.  After a long search for a place for him to call HOME I consider myself extremely fortunate to have found St. Joseph’s. My Dad had suffered a terrible accident and then a stroke and seizure due to TBI.  Therefore, leaving him paralyzed completely on his left side and in need of being wheelchair bound and in need of round-the-clock care.  Robert came to St. Joseph’s on September 1, 2021 from JFK Hospital. He was disheveled and disoriented and the Sisters’ and nurses (and guidance of their doctors), welcomed him with open arms. They gave him a complete makeover with a shower, shave, clean clothes, haircut, a good  meal and tender loving care and compassion.  

I almost didn’t recognize him.  The Sisters’, nurses, CNA staff and all staff members worked diligently and tirelessly to assist in his adjustment and new way of life.  After a few months my Dad became adjusted quite well along with the right   medications and therapy.  Finally, he was able to call Saint Joseph’s “his new home”.  My Dad received the finest medical, psychological care and everyday physical care. The whole staff at St. Joe’s is wonderful, kind, loving, compassionate, attentive, friendly, informative, and had a sense of humor. (They needed that with my Dad).  He received excellent care and support from all. When he would become ill, proper medicine was always given and I was always kept informed.

The home’s cleanliness is beyond excellent, as is the homemade food prepared on the premises, and its décor is very inviting.  Residents have the chance to be part of many activities, games, arts and crafts, musical functions, movies, special guests and volunteers to name a few.  The beautiful garden of flowers and gorgeous murals drawn by the Sisters’ are soothing and have such a serene, calming atmosphere, as does the building as a whole.  There is a beautiful stained-glass chapel where residents can attend church services or visit as needed. 

My Dad was able to celebrate 2 birthdays at St. Joes’s.  As his health and condition began to deteriorate, the Sisters, nurses, CNAs’ and everyone involved were very attentive to all his needs, treated him with dignity and love and compassion during his comfort care.  Dad passed away on July 17, 2023 with me by his side.  I thank Saint Joseph’s and God that Robert, my Dad, found his special place there to spend the last 22 months of his life with such beautiful people to look after his every need. They had always said my Dad made them laugh and knew how to brighten their day. I especially want to thank his nurses, Sue, MaryEllen and Sister Joanna. Also, Sisters Monika and Elzbieta, Matthew, Dionne, each and everyone of the CNAs’, Tunde, Juan, food service people, and cleaning crew and all the Sisters’ that make Saint Joseph’s operate as a very special place for our loved ones to find a second home.

I highly recommend Saint Joseph’s Senior Nursing Home and Assisted Living Facility 100% to anyone whose loved one needs special care.  It is a great run facility by so many wonderful, qualified people.

I thank you for taking such excellent care of my father.  God Bless you all!


Lillian Dix


The story of our Resident – Robert Latkovich


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