Mother’s Day is a significant time of the year, when we get to show appreciation and express our gratitude to the women who raised us, and helped us become the people we are today. The residents of st. Joseph’s Senior Home usually spends Mother’s Day in the company of their closest family members. However this year, on the day which has always been filled with hugs, kisses, and lots of laughter, the residents and their children were asked to compromise their plans in alignment with the standing COVID-19 restrictions.

Despite the change of circumstances, Mother’s Day at st. Joseph’s was still a very festive holiday. On this special day, all-female residents were dressed up, with flower corsages pinned to their clothing. They all received small gifts and flowers which the students of Middlesex County Academy single-handedly planted in colorful flower pots, and decorated with hearts and meaningful quotes. The residents were deeply
touched by this gesture, and they deeply appreciate the thought and effort made by Mrs. Marie Bowen and the students who despite the current circumstances, still manage to reach out and with such good deeds show their love for seniors. The plan for the day was carefully thought out, and nothing was left to chance. Starting from the lovely lunch and dessert, to activity time and family visits, the sisters made sure that the day was special for all-female residents.

During the activity time, the ladies had the opportunity to share their experiences of motherhood and the storytelling continued for hours! Throughout the day, many residents received multiple phone calls from their children, and some even had their relatives pay a short visit and spend time together either in the garden or the lobby of our facility. Although this year’s Mother’s Day celebration was far from what we are used to, the st. Joseph’s staff and the Little Servant Sisters stepped up to the plate and did not allow this special day to go unnoticed. On this special day, no woman was left behind. Each female resident was honored and openly appreciated for her unconditional love and warmth that she carries in her heart. One of our residents, Adele Horbacz, wrote a short letter in which she summarizes the events which took place at st. Joseph’s this Mother’s Day. In the letter, she expresses her appreciation for the effort that was made to ensure that the day is special and well remembered by all mothers who reside at st. Joseph’s.


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I will attempt to convey my appreciation regarding the events that took place on Mother’s Day. The Mass was offered by Father Paul. He gave a beautiful Homily praising our Mothers with reference to our Blessed Mother. All the songs were sung with heartfelt emotion. Following the Mass, the Sisters, with the help of Aides, gave each one a rose corsage.

In the Dining Room, each table contained a special gift package, which contained Tooth Paste and Moisturizing Lotion. Also, a chocolate bar with a most heartfelt saying: “There’s No Love Like a Mother’s Her Heart Is Filled with Care. With Christ as Her Example, Her Savior’s Love She’ll Share.” That was so touching. Just before our meal was served Sister offered a timely reading and offered the prayer before the meal. The meal had a surprise with baby shrimp and buttered noodles. The dessert was a delicious layered cake. What a beautiful day. A Sister/Photographer took pictures of everyone at their table. My heartfelt appreciation, once again, for the time and effort in making this a special day. They are constantly providing many activities for our enjoyment. I for one appreciate those efforts.

Love and Prayers,
Adele Horbacz