Mother’s Day in a Nursing Home

What is Mother’s Day? By definition it is a celebration of the mother of a family
however I will say it’s a celebration of any mother figure in one’s life. What
should I get Mom? People go crazy over getting presents for and really all Mom
wants is you. Mother’s Day brings a few feelings to mind one of happiness and the
other of sadness. Happiness comes when you remember what a strong, generous,
loving, kind woman she was, and sadness comes when you look at her sitting in her
wheelchair looking frail, sad, and so much older than you remember. You may ask
yourself How did my mom get to this state? You see for us it’s easy to say How we
didn’t see her when she worried so much about her children. We didn’t see her
waiting up until you were home safe, we didn’t see her praying and worrying when
you got your first driver’s license or when you went on your first date, first day on
the job, first school day. You didn’t see her pacing the floors when you ran 103F
temp waiting for the doctor to call back. She worried about the day you got
married and most of all she worried about your health to the point of hurting hers.
She worried day and night about your future. Your Mom would gladly lay down her
life for you to live yours. So, the next time you are worried about what to get Mom
for Mother’s Day a simple Thank you and I Love You will do because there are
not enough materialistic things in life to pay her back for all she has done for you!

With Love to All the Moms in St. Joseph’s and all over the world.

Mary Ellen Lehaf

Mary Ellen Lehaf
Mary Ellen Lehaf with St. Joseph’s Resident





The Short Motherhood story told by our Resident Elvira: