For those of you looking at the pictures here, they may bring to mind the song from the musical “CAMELOT” where it is asked “Oh what do the simple folks do?”  I suggest we ask  “OH WHAT DO THE SISTERS and STAFF DO?”  and the pictures tell it all.

The days in the life of a Sister are filled with prayer, service and gratitude.  They open their hearts willingly to all of life’s ups and downs so that the folks they are caring for are given the chance to know peace and happiness each day.
The days in the lives of the staff and residents and visitors at St. Joseph’s benefit from the Sister’s complete trust in the will of God to guide them to this dedication to others.
Staff, residents and visitors can feel the love surrounding them the minute they enter the door.  However, St. Joseph’s would welcome any and all of us who feel inclined to share a talent or your time.  Please feel free  to come and be a part of our special home.
New employees, volunteers, anyone is welcome.  Your efforts will help in bringing joy, smiles and happiness to the seniors who reside here.
Please come and see for yourselves “What the Sisters and Staff do”  and become a part of it all.   We await your call, visit, inquiry and thank you for joining us!


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