“She is Dancing with Jesus”


It was the morning of Tuesday, 2/22/2022 when our mother left this world to “Dance with Jesus.”  As we sat at her bedside, who was known to the Sisters, Staff and Residents as “Little Ania,” we reminisced about her life before St. Joseph’s but mostly about her life while at St. Joseph’s.  As the Sisters and Staff came into her room to express their sympathy and telling us stories of their encounters with Little Ania we realized they all had become her best friends and they also needed to be consoled for their loss.  They loved her, laughed with her, they cried with her but most of all they cared about her.


It was very sad to realize that our mother would no longer be around to spend Spring, Summer and Fall in the gardens with her “best friends.”  She would not be around for her 100th birthday celebration.  She would not be around for Easter, May Crowning, Christmas and all the Holidays that the Sisters made so special (this past year Little Ania won the lottery and received the honor of placing baby Jesus in the manger, which she did with great pride.  Little Ania loved, loved, loved rock and roll music and Polkas and St. Joseph’s had it all.


The peace of mind the Sisters and Staff gave our family during those 2 years was priceless.  Our family wants the Sisters and Staff to know how grateful we are for the loving tender care our mother received.  We know “Little Ania” will be looking after everyone at St. Joseph’s from her Heavenly Home.  (That is, of course unless she is busy “dancing with Jesus.”  We all know how she loves to dance.)


We Love You Mom!

We Love you St. Joseph’s


With heartfelt appreciation,

Little Ania’s Family

Paul and Ann Kabara, Carl and Cindy Ryniec and Thomas Ryniec


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