An outdoor picnic was organized for our residents of St. Joseph’s Senior Home in Woodbridge, by the sisters with some girls as part of their get-together program.  This was in order to sensitize the young girls to the needs of older persons and to show them that the sisters take care of them with all their heart and strength.  “Treat the elderly and sick with compassion, gentleness, love and respect to alleviate their suffering” – this is according to the Constitutions of the Little Servant Sisters of the Immaculate Conception.

The event was held right on the spot in the beautiful floral garden in the Nursing Home courtyard.  It was on a hot sunny day with a light breeze.

Our Residents were delighted with the creative activities.  This included a favorite concert led by Sister Anna whereby the residents and girls tapped with the drum sticks on chairs and huge balls.  There were also amusing balloons, soap bubbles, a colorful spread-out parachute and a game of tossing balls. Everyone introduced themselves in turn into a microphone.

Our picnic was topped with delicious ice-cream, sweet treats and also cookies baked by Sister Boguslawa with the help of a girl, all kindly served to the residents by the young ones. It was good to see everyone happy, relaxed, with a big smile. The residents still talk about this lovely picnic event. 


Veronica, one of the girls commented: “The picnic with the residents was great fun. I saw smiles on all their faces. We played on the “drums”, tossed up balloons, and set the balloons on the parachute. We ate cookies, chips and ice creams. My favorite part of the picnic was the games. Playing the “drums” was really fun. I liked the way that the residents smiled when we talked to them. I had a good time.”


After the picnic, the girls met with a deacon who shared his calling to his vocation to the diaconate. Marian May devotions followed in the Chapel. At the end, they were excited at the bonfire sausage roast amid laughter. 

A little creativity, willingness and time spent make others happy. We invite different groups of volunteers to our home to share kindness, enthusiasm, with the gift of time to bring joy to our seniors.

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