Prayer is in our lives each day, often without our even realizing it. When we were children we learned that the Our Father was the perfect prayer and we should say it often. We prayed in church while at Mass or after confession. We prayed good night prayers before sleep and sometimes we even said morning prayers. Prayer was a way to talk to God.

What we overlooked however is the fact that WORDS are not necessarily the only way to pray. Remember the adage “Actions speak louder than words”? Well that can be said of our prayers too. Prayer can be words, thoughts and actions. ACTIONS cover a great deal of activity and that is my focus here. Actions can be singing, walking, talking to others, sharing moments, meals, time from our day…. SO MANY things are prayers in ACTION when we know they are done in the name of God!

That thought brings me to the good Little Servant Sisters at St. Joseph’s! The Sisters are always praying in one way or another. Their days are dedicated to ALL the residents and the families of the residents. They are always ready to aid and assist and do so with GOD in their hearts and actions.


My Mom was a resident at St. Joseph for three years so I saw and received the benefits of their life of prayer. My Mom received excellent care and support and so did I. If I needed a hug, consolation, or reassurance they always provided it, and I was the family member! The Sisters helped me through my needy times as well as caring for my Mom and all the other residents. What a blessing.

The Sisters pray for all of us and the residents daily. They provide activities, hugs, parties, hugs, laughs, smiles, and hugs! They go to daily mass, the funeral of a deceased resident (often traveling a few hours), and continue their prayers on special days of remembrance. No one who becomes part of the St. Joseph Community is ever forgotten. Unlike Job of the Bible, I realize that trials and tribulations, loss, or confusion do not take us away from God, but bring us closer if we pray. Imperfect as our prayers may be, God does listen and the Sisters have helped me to feel closer to Him.

It is my hope that I have learned the importance of prayer in life and that by sharing these thoughts with you, you too will experience the joy of prayer with God every day.