The miracle of the Internet is the fact that we are all connected in the moment with more people than we can imagine. At St. Joseph’s Home we are constantly communicating through our actions and prayers. We reach our extended family of Sisters, staff, residents and their families everyday. There are others though, who have yet to learn of us and our good works.
By making use of the internet we can open the doors to our home wider than we can imagine. We can let folks in other cities, towns, states and even other countries know we are here! We can assure these folks that what they see in pictures is true in real life. We can promise them love and caring for themselves or their family members. By taking a minute to share our posts with everyone you can think of, you are sharing the love available here, to all we have yet to reach. Please take a few minutes to share and share and share some more! We appreciate your support and assistance in getting the word out there.
If you appreciate what we do for our residents, staff and families, please like and share our posts. Your input helps others to feel confident that we are as we appear to be. A safe, caring, loving and joyous home for our loved ones. Don’t forget to write a heartfelt review on Google too. You can help us reach many more people who can also become part of our family. “There’s always room for one more!”
 God Bless You All!

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