Hello! I am not a resident of St Joseph’s nor do I live close by. I am the daughter of a former resident and live in New York. That being said, I am forever there at St Joe’s in my heart and spirit. I have met wonderful people and have continued wonderful friendships throughout the years and I pray that they continue forever.

I found my particular joy in becoming a pen pal to a sweet resident at St Joe’s. My cards cannot be answered by her but I know she loves receiving them. More than that I love sending them. Why? Because for the few minutes that it takes me, out of my daily runaround, I am focusing on someone else and sharing my time with them. I am focusing on the positives in life and recounting them to someone who lives them too when the cards or letters are read to her. Making her happy makes me happy too. I am blessed to have her and ALL the lovely folks at St. Joe’s in my life. Share the joy with everyone, find some word, thought, hug, action that you can share and receive more than you thought possible in return.



Things that can be done easily to change the day for a resident in any home but especially our friends at St. Joe’s:

Assist in a craft, cooking or musical class on activity day


Assist in bingo

Buy craft supplies and bag them for individual art projects (see the blog about Arts and crafts at St. Joseph’s and wonderful projects created by Sarah and Michelle), visit (if safe), read a story to a group

Play a musical instrument or sing for entertainment day


Help in the garden in Spring/Summer – donate plants, garden decorations, not necessarily new ones. Our talented sisters can renovate them!


Bring your friendly dog for a pet therapy. Our residents and sisters love dogs!

Ask if someone would like a pen pal

Ask us what you can donate – recently we received ~ 50 pairs of brand new pants for our ladies, new set of all kind different tools, cookies, a gingerbread St. Joseph’s House, Christmas decorations, including a beautiful Santa and even birdhouses!




Please, share your time, talents and heart with us!

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