Spring is a BEAUTIFUL time of the year to me. It reminds me that what we see outside is often different than what is inside. The barren fields turn out beautiful grass, crops, and flowers. The trees spread their leaves and bring back shade on hot summer days. The beauty of what we now see has been hidden deep inside the earth.

So to the beauty of what is inside us is sometimes hidden by our outer circumstances. My Mom, a former resident of Saint Joseph’s Assisted Living, was one who went from youth to mature age, from vibrant to slower, and yet, she never lost her appreciation for what she believed helped make her feel beautiful, inside and out. Some have defined Beauty like this: “Beauty means feeling comfortable in your own skin and appreciating your imperfections.” “Beauty means feeling good about yourself, whether it is because of makeup or nice clothes or exercising, it is having confidence in yourself.”

It seems that beauty is a mindset and the staff of St. Joe’s helped my Mom and all the residents to maintain their sense of Beauty by helping them dress well, eat well, and receive special care that included personal care by way of the beauty/barber shop, physical exercise, garden activities, and Spiritual Programs.

My Mom, for example, was one who needed to have her stylish curls in order to feel good about herself. She was even willing to miss Mass, a meal, or MY VISIT (!) to get her appointment at the beauty parlor! She would get down the hallway and in line at the earliest moment to be assured of keeping her place. The transformation in her spirit afterward was amazing! She felt like she kept her place in the world..looking her very best.


The gardens provided a different beauty for her. She found strawberries and shared the haul after picking them. She would pick a tiny rose, put it in her hair and smile all day! When she participated in activities, she loved bowling and won many small prizes that she, in turn, would give away with a sense of pride that she had shared her bounty. Mom loved sending birthday cards to her fellow residents and did so regularly until her eyesight failed her.




So, what is it I am trying to say here? Older age does not end the desire to look, feel and express Beauty.. Saint Joseph’s enables all their residents to accomplish Beauty in their lives in ways of their own liking and age will not deter them.

May God CONTINUE to Bless the staff and residents of St. Joseph’s.

From a Forever Friend,



In loving memory of  Josephine…