Spring has sprung!

With all the flowers blooming and all the pretty pastel colors everywhere, we were ready to celebrate Spring. To get in the spirit we all had leis around our neck and some of us decided the flowers looked pretty in our hair. Mr. Tunes, our favorite DJ began playing some music that made us clap our hands and dance along.

While we were enjoying the music, we also decided to wear rabbit ears to welcome all the bunnies and rabbits who had been hibernating all winter. We also had our own larger than life bunny (Sr. Anna) who couldn’t stop dancing and hugging everyone. First, the Chicken Dance made us laugh as we flapped our “wings” and twisted away. Next, we sang very loudly to “YMCA”. The Residents faces lit up in recognition of this song as they began to form the familiar letters with their arms, their movements synchronized with the rhythm of the music.

Laughter and cheers filled the air as they swayed to the beat. It was very funny but we certainly enjoyed ourselves. Lastly, what would a Spring Party be without doing the Macarena. With all this dancing and singing, we worked up an appetite. We had delicious food with lots of whipped cream on top. The Spring Party, in its simplicity and silliness, had brought everyone together, making it an event to remember. Happiness and nostalgia, added a unique charm to our party. It was a testament to the Residents at St. Josephs who have an enduring spirit, making the Spring Party an unforgettable event.


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