It was early Spring 2022 when God sent a Blessing to our doorstep.  Our Blessing was our own Sister Dorota Kot, who has been a member of our Congregation of the Sisters of the Immaculate Conception for 25 years.  To know Sister Dorota is to love her and to know how much she loves sharing the artistic gifts that God has bestowed upon her.

It all began with a family gifted in the arts.  Besides Sister, her parents and sisters excelled in their artistic endeavors. One of her sisters is an accomplished sculpture artist. This gifted background and a little girl’s desire to draw princesses did not stop with drawing childhood pictures.

Sister Dorota completed her elementary education and then went on to Art High School in Poland then on to college to further her studies.  It was around this time that Sister discovered the “quiet voice of Jesus” calling her into the religious life.  So she joined the Little Servant Sisters of the Immaculate Conception.   Shortly after entering the Sisters quickly recognized her extraordinary talent and sent her to the prestigious Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow.

Today Sister’s talent serves mainly the Congregation.  Sister has renovated over 60 Chapels in Poland, Africa and the USA. The hands and heart of Sister Dorota renovated many religious statutes and painted over 100 pictures (mainly of our blessed Edmund, Sr. Celestyna, and Sr. Leonia).

She has drawn pictures for a book for children about blessed Edmund, and beautifully decorates our chapels with flowers and her works of art.  There is a lot more to do and that is why Sister is not able to work outside of the Congregation.

Going on a foreign Mission was a dream for Sister, that was fulfilled two years ago when she was asked to go to Africa.  She accepted and spent 6 weeks renovating 3 chapels. Eventually, when she was asked to come to the USA, she again did not say no.

During the six weeks Sister Dorota spent with us, Sister transformed our Chapels in the Nursing Home, Assisted Living, and the Sisters convent. Additionally, Sister brought our dream of having a “Garden of Angels” to life.  She worked tirelessly from morning to evening transforming, renovating, restoring and creating a most beautiful treasure for all of us. To be in the presence of her gifted hands at work while wearing a joyful smile as she approached each project with the love of Jesus in her heart, left one feeling admiration for her enthusiastic devotion.  It was beautiful watching her creative soul and loving heart, turn everything she touched into a magnificent “work of art.”

Thank You Sister Dorota for coming into our lives and giving us the opportunity to observe your God given talents and your devoted work ethic.  It has truly been an amazing experience.

Thank You Jesus for sending us Sister Dorota!


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