St. Josephs Feast Day on March 19, 2024 was a very special day for us at St. Josephs Senior Home. We honor St. Joseph with prayer, reflection and gratitude for his role in the Holy Family. The Sisters especially honor St. Joseph as he is the Patron of our Senior Home. Saint Joseph is known for his humility, obedience, and hard work. The Sisters continue St. Josephs mission by ensuring the well-being of the Residents embodying his spirit of selflessness and care. May St. Joseph intercede for us and guide us on our spiritual journey.

To give thanks and gratitude, the Residents make a beautiful bouquet. Each Resident adds one flower at a time and the bouquet grows larger with each one. The yellow flowers are brilliant in color. The bouquet is placed on our special alter. The flowers look beautiful against the shades of blue background. Along with this devotion, the Sisters present a statue of St. Joseph and his Son to all of the Residents who make their personal thoughts and prayers known to St. Joseph. We speak from our heart in our own special way.

Father Paul leads us in prayer and we are moved. Mildred, one of our Residents, read a Prayer to Saint Joseph, Guardian of the Redeemer. We also have bread in honor of St. Joseph. In celebration of St. Joseph, we had Jello and “lots” of whipped cream. Through our prayers and traditions, celebrating St. Joseph’s Day allows us to appreciate all that is good in life. We are inspired by the virtues of this humble and devoted Saint.

St. Joseph, pray for us!


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