The Bible is a story of two gardens, Eden and Gethsemane. In the first, Adam took a fall. In the second, Jesus took a stand. Likewise, St. Joseph’s shares a story of two gardens. It is in our garden spaces that residents and staff embrace seed, soil, and sun: Discovering the many healthful benefits of gardening such as building strength, boosting mood, reducing stress, fostering human connections, and giving an opportunity to reflect on and embrace all the beauty of God’s creation.

What an Amazing Place! Flower Garden is Beautiful! And The Glider is Fantastic what a Lovely Thing to have For Everyone!

The gardens are located within the walls of the St. Joseph property which makes them especially safe for residents to freely walk around and take a rest on one of the benches, under a sun umbrella, or on a gazebo. The gardens are also equipped with senior-friendly swings which can be used even by wheelchair users.

Surrounded by Peace, Beauty and LOVE.

The plethora of vegetation within the gardens has impressed residents for many years. This past season we were also able to, with the generosity of some of our supporters, add some new highlights for everyone’s enjoyment. These additions include two new rose bushes from Susan, a beautiful wind chime set from Gabriel in memory of her Mother Philomena, and decorations and garden tools from Peggy and Sue as well.

What an amazing gardener! Someone has a green thumb.

The gardens continue to provide a great space for hosting activities which residents who are able to attend can enjoy. Some of our events this year included an ice cream party, Hawaiian party, and a bubble party. Those residents who are not able to attend at the ground level are able to enjoy the sights and sounds from the expansive second floor terrace.

Of course, these spaces also allow residents and staff a place for meditation, relaxation, and quiet moments of prayer. Within the gardens are several statues of Mary, Jesus, and the beautiful mosaic of Merciful Jesus which serve as inspiration for just such moments. The gardens also serve as a visiting area where residents can spend time with their loved ones in a beautiful setting.

This beautiful setting also serves as a gorgeous background for taking photographs. Residents enjoy dressing up, posing amongst the colorful blooms, taking pictures for family, and sharing with the entire St. Joseph community. Such photographs are always a well-suited gift for loved ones and proof that one can look beautiful at any age.


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