Christmas Season 2022

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It may be hard to believe but another year has passed. Seemingly, 2022 had just begun but here we are amidst the Christmas season in January of 2023. No matter how many arduous moments the previous ye...


Love & Dedication

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To the Sisters and Staff at St. Joseph’s! We want to thank you for the seemingly effortless tender care you give to our parents, grandparents, great grandparents and great great grandparents who...


The story of our Resident – Robert Latkovich

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Robert R. Latkovich Sr. a.k.a. MOOSE, was born September 29, 1932 in Perth Amboy, NJ. He resided in Fords, NJ all his life. He grew up on Liberty Street in Fords with his mother, father, brother, and ...



Who is that lady who is always smiling? Well, her full name is Regina Stelma, she’s eighty years old and has been under the care of THE LITTLE SERVANT SISTERS OF THE IMMACULATE CONCEPTION for about se...

Is My Loved One Ready for a Nursing Home?


Remorse, doubt, anger, and confusion – these are the concomitants of the decision to place our loved ones in a nursing home. Whether it is a parent, sibling or a spouse, this decision never come...

When Your Spouse is In the Nursing Home


I’d like to relate how I selected Saint Joseph’s Senior Home for my wife Geneva. She contracted Alzheimer’s, ALZ, a disease in 2016 when she was 79 years old. Things were near “normal” for the remaind...

More from Edward Sita, a permanent resident of St. Joseph’s

Edward Sita in front of the computer writing an article for st Joe's blog

The last time I wrote; it was about my impressions after my first two weeks in residence. That was four months ago. I am now fully on board for the long haul here. I have indeed found a new home in ev...