What a glorious day for a tea party! The perfect way to start is by singing which really adds so much fun to this day. It is contagious and we can’t help but clap along.

The spring colors are everywhere along with flowers and butterflies which is the perfect atmosphere for this occasion. It was so warm and inviting as well as relaxing. We had some tea party assistants who were so gracious with their serving abilities. They were so helpful and actually made name tags so they could get to know everyone by name.

We had lovely white tea cups and saucers to sip our tea and eat our sconces, muffins and cookies. It was fun chatting with everyone. The residents were telling such interesting stories to the girls who were helping out.

The girls were intrigued and were listening intently. The warmth that was shared and the joy of sharing our memories with them made the tea party very special. We laughed along with the girls and had an especially good time.


Tea Party 2023 – blog post



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