Thanksgiving is more than just turkey, stuffing, and football. It’s an expression of thanks, especially to God. A public celebration in acknowledgment of divine favor or kindness. A day set apart for giving thanks to God. The Sisters and Residents at St. Joseph’s took great care this year to prepare a festive celebration that was as fulfilling spiritually as it was eating.

    The spirit of the holiday roamed our halls even days before the actual festivities began. Thanks to the creativity of our Activity Department, our facility was transformed into an Autumnal and turkey-themed wonderland with decorations and various activities. One of which was an opportunity for our residents to reminisce about Thanksgivings past. They shared delightful tales of how they used to experience the holiday, foods they enjoyed eating and cooking, and many other fond memories. During another fun-filled activity, Michelle (daughter) and Sarah (granddaughter) of resident Jennie Michalski helped Saint Joseph’s get ready for Thanksgiving by working on a colorful turkey project for the residents to participate in during arts and crafts. Jennie enjoyed “preparing the turkey” this year, and all had a good time.

Michelle (daughter) and Sarah (granddaughter) of resident Jennie Michalski


    The day began with masses in both chapels for the Nursing Center and Assisted Living residents. We all took time to give thanks to God for the many blessings He has bestowed upon us throughout the year and to ask for His continued guidance and favor.

    We were blessed to have many guests join us in celebration. Resident’s families were able to visit and enjoy our beautiful Autumn decorations in the chapels and throughout the house. While visiting regulations were maintained in connection with the pandemic, the whole house was filled with laughter and joyful conversations.

    Some residents were able to go off property to visit and hold private celebrations with their families. Wherever families are able to gather and enjoy quality time with one another we praise God for giving us the opportunity.

    All the residents were treated to gifts from the children of Be The Change. They made everyone VERY happy and the joy on all the faces was apparent. Many even kept the bags as treasures.

Gifts from Be The Change


    Sr. Anna from the kitchen worked tirelessly to bake 8 turkeys! One was prepared on a beautifully decorated platter. Sr. Leila led us all in a lovely Thanksgiving prayer before dinner and, for our Assisted Living residents, poured an apple cider and wine of choice toast for those who could enjoy a few sips. The dinner was absolutely delicious, so much so that even the fussy eaters ate it without any issues.

    The day ended, as every Thursday does, with Holy Hour prayer before the Blessed Sacrament. While it was mostly attended by the Sisters, we were also accompanied by a few faithful residents. 

    We give all praise and glory to God for our fortunate blessings including the charity and goodwill of our volunteers, donors, and all our supporters. We would also like to recognize the hard work of our employees, the unwavering kindness of our residents’ families, and especially to thank our residents for being a gift from Heaven and showing us all that each day of life is a gift. We extend our prayers for continued blessings and a joyful celebration to all.

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