It’s been seven years since I retired from an NYC Law Firm after twenty – nine years working there. I was looking for a niche that could best fit my needs as a new retiree. I never thought that SAINT JOSEPH’S SENIOR HOME would be the place for me. Coming here after the NYC Law Firm seemed a real stretch of the imagination with a world of difference. However, as it turned out the two positions have many similarities and commonalities.

Compassion, humility, and respect are God-given gifts but none of them would be beautiful without sincerity, honesty and shared values. These similarities are my truest reflections and reasoning as to why I’ve chosen to assist the elderly residents here at SAINT JOSEPH’S SENIOR HOME. I truly believe that assisting these fine people is a calling from my Creator. My duties as a part-time Activity Assistant are many and diverse. Everything from monitoring and recording behavior, assessing activities, chaperoning residents, assisting them in simple needs, inter-relations and conversation, various group activities and simple games, daily exercises like free hands and proper breathing and maintaining constant individual and group conversation.

I only wish that I was able to serve here much earlier. However, the Lord has a plan for each one of His servants at a time and moment that is of His choosing. For the past seven years, I considered SAINT JOSEPH’S SENIOR HOME not so much a place of employment but rather a unique way to fulfill my personal spiritual needs. God is Love and SAINT JOSEPH’S SENIOR HOME is best described by His compassion for us all.