The Joan of Arc Youth Group from Our Lady of Fatima Parish in Pequannock, NJ visited St. Joseph’s home in March to spend an afternoon with the residents and sisters. Our group included children, parents and Fr. Powers who leads the youth group.

We had a wonderful time and lots of fun! It was a memorable afternoon baking apple pastries, painting garden rocks and making music with the residents. It took a few minutes for the children to warm up and find a partner (one of the residents) to help them prepare apple pastries. Of course, parents were helping too!

Once pastries were in the oven, the children and residents were painting garden rocks which will be used to decorate the gardens by St. Joseph’s home. Some of the residents were just happy to watch the children paint and enjoy their company. For the last part of our visit, the sisters set up chairs and gave everyone drum sticks for a music session. It was very loud and really enjoyed by the boys in our group!

We had a wonderful visit and I hope that the residents and the sisters enjoyed it too. In the evening, we prayed a rosary together with the sisters in the chapel before going home. I’m so glad that we had a chance to visit and for the children to make someone smile and bring joy. As Sr. Boguslawa said, this is “baby therapy” which is so needed to nurture our spirits, especially when we get older and sick. Everyone enjoyed this visit and agreed that we will be back!

~ Anna


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