“The secret of Christian living is love. Only love fills the empty spaces caused
by evil.” – Pope Francis


Many seniors who transfer into nursing homes or assisted living facilities often find themselves feeling increasingly distant from their families. They tend to worry that they are missing out on the small events of their children’s and grandchildren’s lives and lament the lost moments that they cannot spend by their side. This feeling intensifies especially around various holidays and celebrations when suddenly the same distance causes even greater distress. For this reason, we find it extremely important to keep our doors open and engage the families of our residents in the life of st. Joseph’s community.

Valentine’s Day has always been an eagerly celebrated holiday here at st. Joseph’s. Each year, our residents were visited by their loved ones and spent their entire days together chatting, sipping tea, and exchanging small gifts. St. Joseph’s staff and the Little Servant Sister used to go out of their way to make these visits as pleasant and comfortable as possible. This year, however, due to the restrictions connected with the pandemic, this kind of celebration was out of the question. Knowing how devastating it would be for our seniors not to spend this special day with their families, the Little Servant Sisters decided to make it up to them.

This year, Valentine’s Day at st. Joseph’s was quite unusual. The sisters wanted to make sure that each and every resident felt loved and cared for. With the support of the “Be a Change” group, the sisters decorated the facility with flowers, balloons, and Valentine-themed decorations, and organized a small party during which each resident received a small gift and a hand-made Valentine card. The main attractions of the day were two live concerts played by our very own Chester, an immensely talented staff member. The residents had a blast! Dancing, and clapping, and singing along to the music, the wide
smiles never left their faces.

The Little Servants find it important to keep the families updated on all the events and celebrations that take place within the walls of st. Joseph’s facility. The opportunity to take a sneak peek into the lives of their loved ones has been especially meaningful and comforting in the past months, as they haven’t been able to meet and celebrate these days together in person. That’s why the st. Joseph’s staff has been scrupulously documenting the events and many photos and videos have been shared on st. Joseph’s Facebook page, also from Valentine’s Day party. Amid the joy and the fun surrounding the celebration of Valentines’ Day, it is important to remember the meaning underlying this day. In the end, Valentine’s Day is not just about the gifts, the flowers, and heart-shaped balloons, it is all about caring, and sharing our love with others.

This is exactly what the Little Servants strive to provide through their service every single day of the year.

“We are extremely grateful for the help provided by the members of “Be a Change”
group and Chester. Thank you for your support and for making this day possible!”

– The Little Servant Sisters