When thinking about St. Joseph’s the first thing that comes to mind is FAMILY and of course these thoughts are of the MANY families at St. Joe’s. You will find spiritual families, people families, plant families, and even animal families.

One of the best examples of animal families are the beautiful birds (Zebra Finches) that arrived at St. Joe’s Nursing Home in March 2022 and took permanent residence there. The Ciszewski family that donated the birds knew what a joyful addition they would be to the facility and they were correct. The joy that is added to each day for the residents and staff is immeasurable.  The affect that they can have on even one person living there however is nothing short of miraculous!

One new Resident Verna (Cioci Verna – Veronica Wojtowicz) told of her own encounter with our lovey feathered family…

“I want to tell you about when I first saw you.  I didn’t see you BUT I heard you. I was walking down the hall and I wasn’t really too happy about where I was. I really wasn’t very interested.  I thought this is just another place for me and it’s going to be just like all the others and then all of a sudden I heard you chirping!!! And I said that must mean this is the place for me! So, I was very happy to get a room right by your cage and you made me feel very welcome (…)”

What a lovely message from Verna and what a blessing the birds have given to her and all the folks residing or working there.  Hope, peace, beauty, love.  The message is constantly unfolding.

You are here and loved.



Have a blessed day always! Chirp, chirp!





We would like to dedicate this article and the video to the Ciszewski Family, especially Randi for their “furry gifts” and constant financial support. Thanks to them, our St. Joseph’s Family has two tiny residents – Jimmy and Anthony. Thank you Randi!


Watch our video:

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